Chapter Locations

We’re the only Angel network that looks at deals across the country and invests as one big, happy family. — Rachael Qualls, Founder

We employ a geographically diverse deal flow, funding, and membership strategy because great ideas emerge each and every day across the country. We use our national brand presence to bring the best and brightest ideas from any region to our Angel members. Additionally, our multiple chapters allow us to unite more Angel investors, fund more deals, and pool due diligence, legal, and accounting expenses more efficiently than would be possible as a single location Angel network.

If you’re interested in connecting with our Chapter Presidents in one of our six current locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

“I had the option to take a risk, start a network, hire staff, and figure it out. Or, I could use Angel Capital Group’s team and resources and do it faster and better. So I did that.”


Angel Capital Group is adding new locations.  If you are interested in Angel investing and would like to start an Angel group in your area, you can leverage our history, structure, and team to get up and running fast.

Our business model is most effective when a committed group of local investors provide a foundation of leadership and guidance for each chapter location. Founders share our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and start-up growth, often anchoring our local networks with years of personal experience and insights. In exchange, we reward our founding members by sharing a percentage of profits off our entire portfolio. Founding members share in our success over-and-above the performance of their personal investments in network-funded businesses, and in fact need not meet any investment criteria to retain their Founders’ share.

We do require a minimum of 10 active Angels to launch a new chapter, but we work alongside our founders to reach that threshold.

In short, our founders are our first advocates and ardent supporters in every local chapter. Thus, we offer a unique opportunity for these members to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Interested individuals can contact our CEO, Eric Dobson, at



Charleston is a dynamic city with deep roots in history. Out of this, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs has arisen in the “Holy City.” Charleston boasts a number of economic anchors in logistics, aviation, fintech, import/export, and software. Today’s market is marked by a strong commitment to entrepreneurship in the region including theCharleston Digital Corridor, the Harbor Accelerator, and SCRA. The city is home to theCollege of Charleston and many programs for starting and growing technology startups. Charleston is also home to the Department of Defense’s SPAWAR Atlantic Center.

Charleston is known for its coastal views, it award winning golf courses, its historic downtown, and tourism making it a great place to visit, live, and do business. If you wish to attend one of the Charleston Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact Info.



MCF-Logo-2Travel the same ancient paths where the early Native American settlers carved out a thriving community bathed with their mystical culture. The Singing River influenced their way of life just as it compelled William Christopher Handy to reproduce the sounds of our unique Southern Soul.

Stories of overcoming adversity abound throughout the Shoals, from enduring the battles of the Civil War era to the inspirational accomplishments of Helen Keller.

Today the Shoals area includes Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia. The small town flavor of our soul and the large city refinement are evident as you stroll through charming historic districts, play 18 holes of world class golf, reel in a trophy size bass, or indulge yourself in our tantalizing array of southern cuisine.

The present day Shoals is characterized by a “can-do” attitude among local community leaders.  Home to one of the nation’s most vibrant regional universities, the University of North Alabama, the Shoals is seeking to establish the region’s economy as a digital hub.

Visit “the Shoals” on YouTube to see what’s really special about our creative corner of the world!

If you wish to attend one of Florence Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact us.

Kansas City

Kansas City is known for BBQ and jazz music but its also home to the first google fiber hood, Walt Disney, Cisco Smart City, the Startup Village and 1 Million Cups.

Kansas City sits in the very center of the country and offers an inviting business community.  The Kansas City Chapter was founded in 2012 and is the home of the Found of Angel Capital Group.

Kansas City has entrepreneurial DNA at its core.  The founders of Kansas City rushed to build the first bridge to span the Missouri River before their competitors to the north in Leavenworth could complete their own.  Ultimately Kansas City’s founders won the race and opened a safe passage across the Missouri River, forever ingraining the entrepreneurial spirit into the Kansas City people.

Kansas City is the founding city and current home to Sprint, Cerner, Garmin, H&R Block, Marion Labs, Black & Veatch, Russell Stovers, YRC Worldwide, Smithfield/Farmland Foods, AMC, EPR Properties, American Century, JE Dunn, Lee Jeans, Burns & McDonnell and many more.

The Kauffman Foundation anchors a breadth of services supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in the area including KC Source Link, KC Smart Port, KC Next, Angel Capital Association and Digital Sandbox.  All supported by its Major Universities.

Kansas City possesses all the necessary ingredients to facilitate a thriving ecosystem of outstanding entrepreneurs and startups, strong corporate leadership, forward thinking government officials and non-profit champions.

If you wish to attend one of Kansas City Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact Shane Spencer


Nashville is where Angel Capital Group got its start.  Although we are diversified in our investors’ expertise and the start-up companies we see, the strengths of our chapter include healthcare, technology and entertainment-related businesses.

Big companies as well as start-ups are attracted to Nashville for a variety of reasons. The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce points out that we have a good workforce (the Nashville region is home to more than 100,000 students who attend the region’s 21 higher education institutions, with 60 percent choosing to stay in the area), favorable costs (unique tax advantages and incentives, and the overall cost of doing business and cost of living are significant features of the region) and location (centrally located, allowing business to reach U.S. and international locations with ease and affordability).  We also have many venues for entrepreneur and small business support in our community. The city boasts a strong and growing entrepreneurial community around the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, HealthBox, Jumpstart Foundry, and a growing tech sector.  Nashville is home to Vanderbilt University and the Tennessee Titans.

Investors in our chapter are quite a diversified group and each meeting we seem to walk away smarter than when we entered.  Our members are fun people to hang out with before/during/after/between meetings and strictly abide by the “no-jerk” policy.

If you wish to attend one of Nashville Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact David Vulcano.


The Denver Chapter was formed in 20013.  Ranked #2 on Inc Magazine’s Top States for Entrepreneurship, Denver’s startup scene is rapidly evolving and growing.  Denver offers a great quality of life and access to the great outdoors.  It shares proximity with Boulder, the home of the University of Colorado and an icon in the startup industry.  The city has a diverse and well educated work force that is translating into a growing entrepreneurial community. Denver sits at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains and is a destination for outdoors folks from around the world.  Today’s market is marked by the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, an organization designed to help Denver companies grow and scale.  Denver boasts concentrations of companies in the mining and energy space, but has rapidly added a high-tech sector focusing on software, robotics, etc.

If you wish to attend one of Denver Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact us.


Knoxville is the second oldest chapter of Angel Capital Group, founded in 2008. Today it remains a vibrant community of angels and one of our most productive chapters. The city has a highly technical and well educated work force that is translating into a growing entrepreneurial community. Historically, Knoxville’s local entrepreneurial market has tended to be heavily technical. Its success stories include technologies for proton therapy, positron emission tomography, energy, and digital photography. Today’s market is marked by digital media, such as the Media Works Digital Media Accelerator managed by the Knoxville Entrepreneurship Center in downtown Knoxville. Knoxville is the third largest digital media production market in the US with notable leaders such as Scripps’sHGTV and Jewelery Television as well as Rivr Media. Knoxville boasts being the home of the The University of Tennessee. Knoxville is also home to the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Knoxville enjoys a great climate and access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hiking, backpacking, rafting, tubbing (both water and snow), skiing, etc. are favorites of the local community year round.

If you wish to attend one of Knoxville Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact Leo Knight.

Ft. Lauderdale

The Ft. Lauderdale Chapter was formed in 2014.  Ft. Lauderdale is a vibrant city with great amenities including beautiful beaches.  It is a modern day paradise for business with beautiful vistas and wonderful restaurants.  The city boasts a diverse, multicultural work force and access to international market, the Caribbean in particular.  It is home to over 150 corporate headquarters, such as AutoNation, Citrix, and Spirit Airlines.  Higher educational programs are in abundance throughout the South Florida region.  Ft. Lauderdale is home to Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, and the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.  Today’s market is marked by concentrations in transportation logistics, tourism, IT, and telecommunications.  The city offers many programs for entrepreneurs and incubators/accelerators.  Ft. Lauderdale enjoys a variety of professional sports as well.

Ft. Lauderdale enjoys a great climate and access to both the ocean and the Intercoastal Waterway. Fishing, sailing, boating are favorites of the local community year round.

If you wish to attend one of Ft. Lauderdale Angel Capital Group’s monthly meetings or join the Chapter, please contact Michael Boorom.


Phoenix sees more than a quarter of a million startups each year.  These companies are creating a vibrant entrepreneurial scene across the region.  ACG is targeted Phoenix for a microventure fund, to take advantage of this rich founding landscape. Sign up for our newsletter and learn how you can get involved.

The Phoenix Chapter was formed in 2015.  Phoenix sits along side the Rio Verde, a designated wild and scenic river and is haven for mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers, and outdoors people.  It drives a strong and expanding business community.  The state of Arizona boasts industry clusters in Aerospace & Defense, Technology & Innovation,Optics/Photonics, Bioscience, Renewable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, andAdvanced Business Services.   Today’s Phoenix is marked by a number of accelerators as a starting point for new ventures. Phoenix is the home of the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, and the Suns.  It is home to the University of Phoenix and Tempe is the home of Arizona State University.

If you wish to attend one of Phoenix’s Angel Capital Group monthly meetings or join the Chapter Fund, please contact Scott Kelly.